10. A Piece of Garbage Strapped To My Wrist

Evangelism and skepticism run rampant this week, as we discuss the current implementation of wearables. We discuss a magical experience, and how things could get creepy.

Today on Interface, a special guest host: Chase Meusel! We sit down and have a conversation about the nerdiest accessories you can get this season. Do you need a $500 wrist mounted computer that reminds you stand up once an hour? Get your sweet reviews here! I should probably type the word “wearable” here so you can find it later with search.

  1. Watch outsells Rolex
  2. Watch makes money!
  3. Withings Activité
  4. UsTwo smartwatch interface
  5. UsTwo Face Maker
  6. Disney MagicBand
  7. Push for Pizza
  8. Devices that let you do more (scroll to #3)
  9. A history of wearables
  10. Pictures under glass
  11. Sweethearting
  12. Glancing & Presence
  13. Chronos
  14. Best smartwatch ever