03. Six Hours in and $23 Poorer

A Look at in-app purchases, digital content, the convenience of spending on the internet, and how ads and suggestions can influence our buying habits.

Imagine you wake up one morning and find that your child has suddenly developed a new taste in self-published fantasy. Soon, your phone lights up: your plumber, a curious man, has ordered 15 rolls of toilet paper using the Dash button mounted in the bathroom! The doorbell rings — the 18 gallons of Tide detergent your dog ordered are on your doorstep. All horrifying vignettes — that could happen to you!

  1. In-App Purchase Kid
  2. Another In-App Purchase Kid
  3. Freemium Whales
  4. Family Sharing
  5. Kindles with Ads
  6. Amazon’s Page on Ad-Support Kindles
  7. Dark Patterns
  8. Automatic
  9. Chevy Bolt
  10. LG’s Involvement in the Bolt
  11. Amazon Two-Factor Auth
  12. Andrew’s Master’s Project