46. Is Copying Actually Bad?

I’ve definitely seen this one before. I can’t quite put my finger on where — Facemash? Soundjammers? Twibbles? Show me again, website. Yes, I’m sure I’ve watched this before. I remember making it. We marinated the chicken in mayo, which made it extra juicy! (Ed: this actually works.) Here’s the thing. When I saw it, there was a person there, more than just hands. A face and a personality, you know? And yet here we are with a twenty-five second portrait video compressed to hell and claiming to be something else. Who would do such a thing? Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and steal content?

Andrew’s Favorite Mashups

  • Brahms v Radiohead — A mashup of Brahms’ 1st Symphony and OK Computer, then re-scored and arranged for orchestra. See alsoMore. I’ll spare you Copland v Bon Iver because I’m sure you’d rather listen to good music.
  • Mouth Moods — So bad, so dumb, so brilliant. Reanimated pop music, Frankenstein’s Monster-style. If Robot Chicken did music and loved Smashmouth. I can’t recommend it enough/stay far away.
  • Girl Talk — Feed the Animals — Basically my entire pop music vocabulary comes from this. A virtuoso-level combination of rap, pop, folk, and rock together into something that becomes more than its parts. The ur-mashup. Also came on a super-cool matte black CD that basically never left my car stereo.
  • Daft Science — Daft Punk + Beastie Boys. Cut/pasted/mixed/resampled. I love it.
  • Call me a Hole — Hey, and this is crazy, but I just met you, so HEAD LIKE A HOLE
  • Shake it Off (The Perfect Drug) — Modern pop goes really well with Nine Inch Nails. Who would have thought?
  • Both albums by the Avalanches — Not technically mashups, but really excellent music derived entirely from samples. Basically Ian’s kryptonite.