06. Ian’s Trust is Low

This week, we discuss virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google Now, Cortana). We take a look at common failures and ways it could actually improve our lives.

“Hey Alexa, I messed up.” Immediately, flowers are purchased and sent to your wife’s office, along with a heartfelt card. Ten different messages were solicited on Mechanical Turk and the best was selected by votes on the same service. Using her Amazon purchase history, her favorite brand of chocolate was determined and a bar was sent to your home, along with her preferred wine. The Foursquare most-romantic restaurants are consulted, and a reservation is made via OpenTable at the one with the highest Yelp ratings. Google automatically determines the best route and calls you and your wife individual Ubers to meet up at the restaurant — but just one to take you home.

  1. Viv
  2. Facebook M
  3. SMS-Based question answering services
  4. Mechanical Turk
  5. Amazon MayDay
  6. The World’s Fastest Phone (made by Lamborghini)
  7. “The best interface is no interface”
  8. Another (better) take
  9. Adobe Comp
  10. Siri without voice
  11. Desktop Neo on voice
  12. Siri’s insanely specific syntax for commands
  13. Google Inbox
  14. Academic article on Trust in Automation
  15. Spark email
  16. Wolfram Alpha climate change example