09. A Heavier Day Than Usual

Calendars and Scheduling can be a nightmare. This week, we discuss how AI could improve calendars, scheduling, and task management.

You may have noticed that lately, Chase has been absent from the podcast. Fortunately, we’ve tracked down (at least some of) the problem, and found it to be mostly scheduling conflicts. This got us wondering, is there a better way to handle scheduling, calendars, and productivity?

This week, Andrew and Ian dive into the current, messy state of calendars and scheduling, and highlight some products, services, and ideas that might make it better in the future. We also foreshadow how the smartwatch might be an integral part of maintaining your calendar and task management in the not-so-distant future.

  1. x.ai
  2. WhenIsGood
  3. Sunrise (RIP) Keyboard
  4. What Calendar Watch
  5. Your calendar is a mess
  6. RescueTime
  7. Invisible design
  8. Frictional design
  9. Calendar Watch
  10. UsTwo’s wearable design system